Computational Modelling Group

Sam Mangham

Postgraduate Research Student
Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
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2006-2011 - BSc. Natural Sciences (Physics/Chemistry) (Bath)

2011-2012 - MSc. Physics & Technlogoy of Nuclear Reactors (Birmingham)

2012-2013 - Radiation Transport Analyst, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy


My research interests lie in in modelling for 'Big Physics'- using multiphysical models to design and predict new systems, or to understand existing ones.

I am undertaking a PhD project with the department of Physics and Astronomy, working with Prof. Christian Knigge on radiation transport simulations of unified models of active galactic nuclei. In particular, I am focusing on echo mapping- determining the delayed response of various spectral components when the AGN central intensity varies. This information can be used to validate various models of the environments surrounding AGN.


I work as part of the PYTHON code development group, including Prof. Knox Long at the Space Telescope Science Institute:


Plot of average photon travel distance at cells in accretion disk wind cone

Plot of isodelay contours of photons reaching observer from accretion disk wind cone