Computational Modelling Group

Developing programming skills with Minecraft and Python

23rd June 2016
23rd September 2016
Research Team
Alvaro Perez-Diaz
Hans Fangohr

PythonTool mod

The game Minecraft has been extremely successful in the last five years, with over 106 million copies sold, making it the second best-selling video game up to date. Its educational capabilities have been exploited in a variety of ways already across the world. In this project, we try to improve the ways that programming can be taught to young learners, by employing a modification (mod) of the game.

To this end, we created PythonTool Mod, a Minecraft mod which allows visual and interactive in-game execution of Python scripts which alter the Minecraft world in real time. It makes use well established pieces of software, such as mcpi and RaspberryJam-Mod, and tries to improve and ease the programming experience. A non-traditional programming workflow using Jupyter Notebook is also proposed to complement the mod.

Detailed installation and user guides can be found in the project's website. A showcase video is available in Youtube.


Software Engineering Tools: Continuous Integration, Git

Programming languages and libraries: Java, Python

Computational platforms: Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi, Windows

Transdisciplinary tags: NGCM