Computational Modelling Group

Simulating the Write Process in Perpendicular Magnetic Media

1st September 2010
1st April 2011
Research Team
Stuart Curtis
Hans Fangohr

Animation showing a simple write process to perpendicular hard-drive media (click to animate - may work better on second attempt!)

The purpose of this project is to model the magnetic medium and the writing process to try to gain a greater understanding of the processes and interactions involved at a nanometre scale in perpendicular magnetic recording. This will be achieved using specific computer packages which use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and calculate magnetic interactions at a nanometre scale.

The project started with simple media representations, and progressed to closer represent an actual perpendicular medium. A script was written to automate the medium creation, allowing for various choices over dimensions, material properties and randomness.

The final outcome of the project was a set of simulations, best representing the medium and writing field to try to demonstrate the writing process. The automated medium creation script was also an important output for future developments.


Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: Micromagnetics

Algorithms and computational methods: Finite elements

Simulation software: Nmag