Computational Modelling Group

Stability of chiral structures in magnetic nanodisks

1st January 2014
Research Team
David Cortes
Hans Fangohr, Weiwei Wang

Helicoidal structure in a 150 nm wide FeGe nanodisk

Antisymmetric magnetic systems has been of much importance in the last years due to the stabilisation of complex magnetic structures, such as skyrmions, which have been regarded as potential candidates to revolutionize spintronics. Specifically, skyrmions can be applied to information storage technologies, however their stability has not been studied in detail so far. This project tries to give a general idea about the stability of skyrmions (and other complex chiral structures), in order to analyse their reliability as information carriers.


Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: Electromagnetism, Energy, Materials, Micromagnetics, Spintronics

Algorithms and computational methods: Finite elements, Minimum Energy Paths

Visualisation and data handling software: Mayavi, ParaView

Software Engineering Tools: Mercurial, Vim

Programming languages and libraries: C, IPython/Jupyter Notebook, Python

Transdisciplinary tags: Complex Systems, Computer Science