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x2 PhD positions in Spintronics at Mainz University and x2 PhD positions in Spintronics in Industry (Sensitec, Singulus)

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31st December 2013
Luke Goater

We are working on confined domain wall spin structures and novel effects that occur due to the interaction of fields, spin currents and magnetization as well as spin dynamics and quantum effects in novel materials.

The research is very topical and highly interesting from scientific point of view and furthermore the work is also promising for applications in data storage, logic and particularly sensor applications.

The lab in Mainz boasts advanced fabrication techniques (full clean room with lithography and pattern transfer techniques), a range of materials deposition tools (molecular beam epitaxy, sputtering, pulsed laser deposition, etc.) and a number of sophisticated characterization techniques. Low temperature magneto-transport measurements (10mK to room temperatures with fields up to 15T) will be carried out to detect spin dynamics and quantum transport effects. A novel scanning electron microscope with polarization analysis (one of only a few in the world) was recently acquired that allows for high resolution magnetic imaging. Furthermore dynamic imaging is carried out by photoemission electron microscopy and x-ray microscopy and holography techniques. Structural analysis can be carried out using in-situ electron diffraction as well as ex-situ x-ray diffraction.

During the PhD, the candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with our partner institutions such as the University of Cambridge, the MIT and others from the EU network WALL and part of the stay can be carried out at a partner institution. Strong interactions with major industrial players allow for learning R&D in an industrial environment.

The physics department at the University of Mainz has been consistently ranked as one of the leading physics departments in Germany. It is the only physics department that received a Cluster as well as a Graduate School within the German Excellence Initiative. In the 2013 ranking it was selected for the excellence group in Europe and top 5 in Germany. It is particulary strong in the area of condensed matter physics and material sciences.

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