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30th January 2015
Luke Goater

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For all positions: self-motivation and autonomous working is as important as the ability to work well in a team. Intelligence, a positive can-do attitude, and the ability and desire to pick up new skills quickly are more important than age, academic qualifications or ticking off the ideal skills list.

We will consider applicants from interns, junior engineers up to architect/project lead level. Pay will be commensurate with experience.

We work in a very fast passed environment and can offer the right candidate fantastic opportunities to work with cutting edge technologies and a flexible working environment.

JavaScript Developer

We are looking for skilled JavaScript developers, who have experience with both browser based and node.js based JavaScript programming.

Some familiarity is expected with leading JavaScript libraries require.js, promises.js, d3.js, jQuery, angular, bootstrap, Google maps and Charts, express.js. We do not expect expertise in all, but we expect the confidence and competence to pick up any from scratch.

Ideally we are looking for the type of engineer that can not only use these libraries, but write their own.

You will need to understand closures, be able to think asynchronously and understand what a prototype is

You will need to be comfortable with at least one NoSQL databases technology and at ideally one flavour of SQL database

Experience with one or more JS test frameworks – vows, jasmine is desirable and of course a good understanding of HTML5 and CSS3

Linux admin skills and experience with cloud hosting systems (e.g. amazon) is a strong plus. You should be comfortable with using Git for version control, and a GitHub account with examples of previous work a bonus.

If you are a competent C programmer in addition, you will go to the top of the list.

Embedded Device Developer

For our Internet of Things deployments, we are currently looking for a device expert. The type of person we are looking for will be able to develop tight C code for deployment in an embedded environment, and be able to debug it.

You will probably be familiar with either Raspberry Pis, Arduino, mote or mBed developer systems, but more importantly be able to translate these developers solutions into production ready solutions

You will able to research and review components from their datasheets and design and prototype new solutions.

Experience with radio networking technologies is expected: one or more of 802.15.4, Zigbee, ISB band, Bluetooth and GSM stacks, being essential for a connected devices.

Data Scientist

NquiringMinds are looking for Data Scientists. We need people who can implement Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms, implement new visualisations and dashboards, and most importantly apply these skills to real world data to develop full solutions. Coding skills in either C, Python or JavaScript will be a strong plus.

You will need good people skills in addition to technical expertise, as you will be working directly with the end customers

Security Specialist

NquiringMinds have a current requirement for a low level security specialist. We need someone with knowledge of the basic cryptographic algorithms. You will need to be familiar with OpenSSL and/or lower footprint crypto libraries such as PolarSSL MatrixSSL etc

We are developing optimised key exchange protocols and encryption for IOT sized devices, therefore efficient C coding skills are required.

Any knowledge of Trusted Computing, Secure Element, Secure Storage technologies will be a strong plus.

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