Computational Modelling Group

Computational modelling is a key tool in modern science and engineering

Computational modelling is emerging as a "third pillar" of science and engineering alongside theory and experimentation. Computer simulations bridge between theory and experiment, generating hypotheses, forecasts and predictions about real-world systems. This reduces the number of experiments that need to be carried out in the real world and the number of design prototypes that have to be built, thereby reducing cost, encouraging innovation, optimising system design and enabling the study of systems for which experimental work is infeasible (for example due to prohibitive cost or risk of endangering lives, the environment, etc).

As a consequence of this increasingly key role, computational modelling is now recognised as a priority area by industry, government and science itself.

The Computational Modelling Group at Southampton University brings together researchers and students from many different schools of the University of Southampton. The 200 academics group members are united by their research and use of computational methods, and apply these tools to advance our understanding of a wide range of topics such as physical sciences, engineering, medicine, society, economy and others.

Industry partners, who benefit from application of computer simulation to their specific challenges, engage in multiple ways with academics from across the university, including Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Consulting services, and co-funding of PhD student projects in our EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling.

Computational Modelling consulting for industry

  • Do you need computational consultancy services?

  • Would you like to model a process or a device?

  • Do you need a particular piece of computational modelling expertise?

  • Do you need an academic partner with complementary expertise for a collaboration?

Whether you are working in industry or academia, feel free to contact us confidentially by emailing or by calling Hans Fangohr on +44 (0) 23 80598345 to explore whether the computational modelling community at the University of Southampton can help you.

We will find the most-suitable academics and researchers out of our pool of computationally active staff and students to provide the expert attention you require.