Computational Modelling Group

Seminar  1st June 2012 4 p.m.  27:2003

Simulations of conformational dynamics along the p53-mdm2 pathway

Dr Chandra Verma
Bioinformatics Insitute, A*star, Singapore

Aimsun, AMBER, Bioinformatics, Biomathematics, Biometrics, Biomolecular simulations, C, C#, C++, CASTEP, Complex Systems, Computer Science, COMSOL, Density functional Theory, Developmental Biology, FFT, Finite differences, Fortran, GPU, HECToR, HPC, HPCx, IfLS, Iridis, Jaguar, Linux, Mathematica, Molecular Mechanics, Monte Carlo, Multi-physics, Multi-scale, Multigrid solvers, Multipole methods, NWCHEM, Optimisation, Povray, Python, Quantum Chemistry, Vim, Visual Python, VTK
Chris-Kriton Skylaris

Dr Chandra Verma


Molecular simulations together with experiments are used to propose some novel mechanisms that modulate the p3-MDM2 pathway in cells. These open up new avenues for interrogating biology and for developments of therapeutics