Computational Modelling Group

Workshop  1st May 2018 3 p.m.  177/2023 (Boldrewood Campus)

AMReX: An introduction to Adaptive Mesh Refinement

James Le Houx, Samvir Thandi
University of Southampton

Astrophysics, C, Carbon nanotubes, Combustion, Cosmology, Energy, Finite differences, Fluid Dynamics, Fortran, Geophysics, HPC, Multi-core, Multi-physics, NGCM, Particle Collisions
James Le Houx

AMReX is a publicly available software framework designed for building massively parallel block- structured adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) applications. Block-structured AMR provides a way to exploit varying resolution requirements in space and time by focusing computational resources in spatiotemporal regions of interest.

This workshop will present a brief overview of adaptive mesh refinement, providing a number of real life examples of where it has been used. Attendees will then work through an example to demonstrate the capabilities.