Computational Modelling Group

Dr. Christopher Hackney

Research Fellow
Geography (FSHS)
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I am the post-doctoral research fellow on the NERC funded STELAR-S2S project ( This project is looking at autogenic and climatic controls on sediment erosion and transport with the World's largest rivers. Working on the Mekong River in Cambodia, we aim to understand the intrinsic controls on large river behaviour, sediment transport from it's source to it's sink and the effects of changing climates on large rivers using a combined fieldwork and numerical modelling approach.

I undertook my PhD in Southampton, looking into the effects of sea-level and climate change on the evolution of incised coastal gullies. During this work I employed numerical models of landscape evolution, forced with scenarios of future (~100 year) climate change to understand the response of soft cliffs, and incised gully features to such pressures.

Joint projects with...

Stephen Darby
Professor, Geography (FSHS)
Julian Leyland
Senior Lecturer, Geography (FSHS)