Computational Modelling Group

Dr Julian Leyland

Senior Lecturer
Geography (FSHS)
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I am a lecturer in Physical Geography at University of Southampton. I have interests in landscape evolution modelling, hydraulic modelling and processing and application of terrestrial laser scan data in a geomorphological context. I regularly use Iridis to run landscape evolution and hydraulic models and to process large 3D point cloud data.

Julian's team members

Chris Hackney
Postgraduate Research Student, Geography (FSHS)

Working with...

Stephen Darby
Professor, Geography (FSHS)

Joint projects with...

Stephen Darby
Professor, Geography (FSHS)
Christopher Hackney
Research Fellow, Geography (FSHS)



Terrestrial Laser Scanned data of a deeply incised river bank on the Cecina River, Italy. We are using this data to explore bank roughness metrics and the feedback to erosion rates.

Visualisation of measured (ADVP) velocity fields over a model of a forest floodplain in a flume setup. Produced for Prof. Steve Darby - NERC project.

Outputs from numerical simulations (run on IRIDIS) of incised coastal gully evolution through the Holocene (last 12,000 years). See Leyland and Darby (2009) for further details of simulations.