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Visual Studio

MS Visual Studio is an IDE for developing software applications. It has built in support for languages such as C, C++ and C#, and can be used to develop in many other languages with specific plugins (e.g. Python).

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Bioclimatic Architecture

Seth Bullock (Investigator), Nicholas Hill

This was a review report on bioclimatic architecture and how such architecture may be designed by agent-based models inspired by the building behaviour of insects.


Seth Bullock
Professor, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
Petros Bogiatzis
Research Fellow, Ocean & Earth Science (FNES)
Btissam Er-Rahmadi
Research Fellow, Management (FBL)
Daniel Cernin
Postgraduate Research Student, Mathematics (FSHS)
Nicholas Hill
Postgraduate Research Student, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
Gregory Parkes
Postgraduate Research Student, Engineering Sciences (FEE)
Ashley Setter
Postgraduate Research Student, Engineering Sciences (FEE)
Daisuke Sasaki
None, None