Computational Modelling Group

Dynamag: computational magnonics

1st June 2009
31st May 2012
Research Team
Matteo Franchin, Andreas Knittel
Hans Fangohr, Atul Bhaskar

Spread of Spinwave through medium (periodic in x-direction)

Analytical treatment of long range magneto-dipole interactions is a bottle-neck of magnonics and more generally of the theory of spin waves in non-uniform media. This project develops a theoretical and numerical framework for analysis of magnonic phenomena in magnetic nano-structures, including isolated nano-elements, arrays of those, and extended magnonic crystals. The DYNAMAG project is funded by the EU FP7 and the DST of India.


Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: Magnonics, Materials, Micromagnetics, Wave propagation

Algorithms and computational methods: Multi-physics

Simulation software: Nmag

Visualisation and data handling software: HDF5, Mayavi

Software Engineering Tools: SVN

Programming languages and libraries: Python

Computational platforms: Iridis, Linux, Mac OS X

Transdisciplinary tags: Scientific Computing