Computational Modelling Group

Unsteady Aerodynamics of Wings in Extreme Conditions

Research Team
Neil Sandham, Zheng-Tong Xie
Charles Badoe

Sizing of civil aircraft is dictated by extreme loads experienced at the limits of flight envelope, for example during gust, turbulence or low speed manoeuvre. The project aims to understand the unsteady aerodynamic behaviour of wings in extreme conditions involving heaving motions near stall.


Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: CFD, Complex fluids, Energy, Fluid Dynamics, fluid structure interaction, Free surface flows, Heat transfer, Marine Renewable Energy, Ship Hydrodynamics, Turbulence

Simulation software: OpenFOAM

Visualisation and data handling software: Blender, Gnuplot, ParaView, VTK

Programming languages and libraries: C++