Computational Modelling Group

Research Fellow - Numerical modeling of hollow-core optical fibers

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7th August 2018
Advanced Materials, C#, C++, COMSOL, Elasticity, Electromagnetism, Fiber Optic Communications, Finite elements, Iridis, Linux, Materials, Mathematica, Matlab, Photonics, Python, Windows
Eric Numkam Fokoua

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Applications are invited for a full-time Postdoctoral Research Fellow position in the area of electromagnetics and mechanical modelling of microstructured optical fibres, aimed at developing novel fibres and means of packaging them so that they are more able to withstand changes in environments in which they are deployed. The project will involve the development of coupled electromagnetics and visco-elastic models aiming to link the optical loss experienced by a fibre to both external perturbations and to internal roughness at the core surround interface. It will also involve the experimental characterisation of state-of-the-art fibres to validate the model, and the formulation of strategies to reduce loss through improved fabrication recipes, use of improved fibre coatings and surface roughness reduction measures. Advances stemming from this project will support a portfolio of research areas, from fundamental knowledge and understanding of materials and light-matter interactions, through to advances in high value manufacturing and processes.

Please contact Prof. Francesco Poletti for informal enquiries about this role.