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Application of RNA-Seq for gene fusion identification in blood cancers

William Tapper (Investigator), Marcin Knut

Gene fusions are often the cause of different blood cancers. As such, accurate identification of them provides information on the underlying cause of a cancer, ensuring appropriate choice of treatment. However, due to shortcomings of the currently applied methods for gene fusion identification, some of them escape undetected. We are employing RNA-Seq, a cutting-edge method for sequencing RNA, the messenger of genetic information, to investigate gene fusions.

Studying microevolution in clinical isolates of Neisseria lactamica

Robert Read (Investigator), Jay Laver, Anish Pandey

We intranasally infected and successfully colonised six volunteers with Neisseria lactamica, a commensal species genetically similar to Neisseria meningitidis. A bioinformatics approach was then used to understand the microevolution of this bacterium and its adaptations to the nasopharynx.


Robert Read
Professor, Medicine (FM)
Jane Gibson
Lecturer, Biological Sciences (FNES)
Richard Boardman
Senior Research Fellow, Engineering Sciences (FEE)
Jay Laver
Senior Research Fellow, Medicine (FM)
Marcin Knut
Postgraduate Research Student, Medicine (FM)
Anish Pandey
Postgraduate Research Student, Medicine (FM)
Álvaro Ruiz-Serrano
Postgraduate Research Student, Chemistry (FNES)
Jess Jones
Technical Staff, iSolutions
Petrina Butler
Administrative Staff, Research and Innovation Services
William Tapper
None, None