Computational Modelling Group

Bayesian Agent-Based Population Studies: Transforming Simulation Models of Human Migration

1st June 2017
31st May 2021

This is a cutting-edge project in demographic methodology, funded by the European Research Council (ERC), through the Consolidator Grant ERC-CoG-2016-725232. Its aim is to develop a ground-breaking simulation model of international migration, based on a population of intelligent, cognitive agents, their social networks and institutions, all interacting with one another. The project also aims to transform the study of migration – one of the most uncertain population processes and a top-priority policy area – by offering a step change in the way it can be understood, predicted, and managed.


Life sciences simulation: Psychology

Socio-technological System simulation: Economic Networks, Human population, Social and Socio-economic Systems, Social Networks

Algorithms and computational methods: Inverse problems, statistical analysis

Transdisciplinary tags: Complex Systems, Computational Social Science