Computational Modelling Group

Fluid Dynamics Optimisation of Rim-Drive Thrusters and Ducted Hydrokinetic Generators

Aleksander Dubas, Suleiman Sharkh

Simulated flow through an optimised ducted hydrokinetic generator

This project utilises computational fluid dynamics automation code (in Python), written to interface with OpenFOAM, to optimise the design of propeller thrusters and water turbine generators. Multi-fidelity models are explored depending on the stage in the design life-cycle, with a systems engineering approach taken to maximise overall efficiency.


Physical Systems and Engineering simulation: CFD, Marine Renewable Energy, Turbulence

Algorithms and computational methods: Finite volume, Multi-core, Optimisation

Simulation software: OpenFOAM

Visualisation and data handling software: Gnuplot, Mayavi, ParaView, Pylab, VTK

Software Engineering Tools: Emacs, Mercurial

Programming languages and libraries: C++, IPython/Jupyter Notebook, MPI, Python

Computational platforms: Iridis, Linux

Transdisciplinary tags: Design, HPC, Scientific Computing, Software Engineering, Visualisation