Computational Modelling Group

Traveling and movement during European Late Prehistory

Research Team
Patricia Murrieta Flores

The landscape of Almaden de la Plata interpreted in terms of the kilo-calories expended to traverse its topography

This project has as main purpose to investigate through spatial analysis and computational modelling the variables and factors that influenced how humans traveled during prehistoric times.
One of the principal objectives will be to clarify the role that certain landscape elements (i.e megalithic monuments) played in terrestrial navigation and territorial definition.

This project is supported by CONACYT (Mexico) as a doctoral research by Patricia Murrieta-Flores under the supervision of Dr. David Wheatley (University of Southampton) and Dr. Leonardo Garcia Sanjuan (University of Seville, Spain). It also counts with the collaboration of Dr. Dimitrij Mlekuz (Gent University, Belgium).


Socio-technological System simulation: Archaeology

Algorithms and computational methods: Cellular automata, Geographic Information Systems

Visualisation and data handling software: MS Office Access

Programming languages and libraries: C++, Python

Computational platforms: Iridis, Mac OS X, Windows

Transdisciplinary tags: Computer Science, Scientific Computing