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Seminar  4th March 2011 4 p.m.  Henry Charnock Lecture Theatre, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

Measuring Long Term Mean and Extreme Sea Level Rise

Professor Philip L. Woodworth
The National Oceanography Centre

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Climate, Data Management, Earth Observation, Ecology, Oceanography
Petrina Butler

The NOC Friday Seminar Series covers the full range of research activities undertaken at NOC. Speakers include a large number of invited guests from the UK and abroad.

Seminars are held weekly during term-time from October to June, and take place from 4-5 pm in the Henry Charnock Lecture Theatre of the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

For further details about the series (or suggestions/volunteers for future seminars) please contact a member of the organising committee: Tom Gernon, Nick Harmon, Kate Larkin, or Andrew Yool.

Measuring Long Term Mean and Extreme Sea Level Rise

Professor Phil Woodworth (National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool)


This talk will introduce some of the main topics in Sea Level Science at the moment with an emphasis on some of our work at NOC in Liverpool.

  • How much of the observed rise in global sea level during 20th century rise is understood?
  • Why was it spatially variable and, in particular, was the rise seen in the UK consistent with the 'global' value?
  • How can we obtain more data spanning several centuries so as to place the 20th century changes in a longer term context?
  • Have extreme sea levels changed in line with those in mean sea level and how will they change in the future?
  • What is the reason for recently observed changes in the ocean tide at many places?
  • What is NOC doing to improve data sets?

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