Computational Modelling Group

Simulating Sleeping Sickness: a two-host agent-based model

1st October 2012
30th September 2015
Research Team
Simon Alderton
Jason Noble, Peter Atkinson

Zambian villagers being asked about their daily routines through participatory mapping as a source of information to feed the model.

Sleeping sickness is a vector-borne, parastic disease which affects millions of people across 36 sub-Saharan African countries. Using agent-based models, we aim to gain a greater understanding of the interactions between the tsetse fly vector and both animal and human hosts.

Building an accurate representation will allow the testing of local interventation scenarios including the closing of watering holes, and the selective spraying of cattle with insecticides.


Life sciences simulation: Epidemiology

Socio-technological System simulation: Healthcare modelling, Human environment interaction, Social and Socio-economic Systems

Visualisation and data handling software: ArcGIS, ENVI, Pylab

Programming languages and libraries: Python

Computational platforms: Windows

Transdisciplinary tags: Complex Systems