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Older Events

December 2022

14th December 3 p.m.

Reproducibility, Jupyter notebooks and associated research software engineering

July 2022

20th July 11 a.m.

Using GPUs for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

May 2022

18th May 1 p.m.

From Research in Computational Modelling to Industry

February 2022

23rd February 1 p.m.

Building a computational engine to guide the autonomous discovery of molecular materials

January 2022

19th January 1 p.m.

Unravelling the interplay of structural and material properties of skin using mechanistic modelling

July 2019

17th July 11 a.m.

Research Software Community - Lunch Event

May 2019

22nd May 12:45 p.m.

Southampton Bi-Omics Conference

April 2019

2nd April 9 a.m.

Archer - OpenMP Workshop

9 a.m.

Archer - OpenMP Workshop

November 2018

27th November 10 a.m.

The 7th annual meeting of the Computational Modelling Group

May 2018

1st May 3 p.m.

AMReX: An introduction to Adaptive Mesh Refinement

April 2018

30th April 9 a.m.

NoSQL: An Overview of SQL's Counterpart

18th April 12:30 p.m.

Improving Research Workflows by Enabling High-speed Data Transfers.

16th April 9 a.m.

PyTorch: Neural Networks in Python

11th April 9 a.m.

MPI course delivered by EPCC

March 2018

20th March 9 a.m.

OpenMP course delivered by EPCC

13th March 3 p.m.

Introduction to OpenCV

12th March 9 a.m.

R programming workshop

6th March 3 p.m.

Processing Language Introduction

February 2018

28th February 6 p.m.

Visualising data interactively

November 2017

29th November 6 p.m.

Python testing with pytest: motivation, demonstration, and practices

8th November 10 a.m.


October 2017

5th October 6 p.m.

Sustainable Scientific Software Development

September 2017

14th September midnight

The MMM Hub: Accelerating Materials and Molecular Modelling

June 2017

29th June 10 a.m.

VTK Mayavi

10 a.m.

Scikit Learn

10 a.m.

GPU Programming With CUDA

27th June 10 a.m.

Pandas course

10 a.m.

Jupyter & IPython course

10 a.m.

Intel Knights Landing

Older Events