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Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is a transdisciplinary research direction which uses computational and digital media to study culture and history. For more information please visit the SotonDH website.

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A Connected Island: how the Iron Curtain affected Archaeologists in Central Europe

Iza Romanowska

Using citation network analysis this project aims to investigate the effects that the Cold War had on researchers on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

Colonising Polynesia; Uncertain sailing craft route modelling

Thomas Dickson (Investigator), David Sear

Through developing a novel methodology of modelling sailing craft routing it is possible to investigate archaeological problems as well as applications to modern yacht racing and autonomous sailing technology. This research uses iridis to provide accurate and fast analysis of shortest path routes for sailing craft in order to provide insight and improve safety of operation.

FUE: Foragers in Unpredictable Environments

Iza Romanowska

An Agent-based model developed to investigate human dependencies on orally transmitted knowledge under constantly changing environmental conditions.

Simulating Human Expansion in the Early Pleistocene

Seth Bullock, Fraser Sturt (Investigators), Iza Romanowska

Using Agent-based modelling to investigate the first human dispersal almost 2 million years ago.


Seth Bullock
Professor, Electronics and Computer Science (FPAS)
Fraser Sturt
Senior Lecturer, Humanities (FH)
Iza Romanowska
Postgraduate Research Student, Humanities (FH)
Thomas Dickson
None, None
David Sear
None, None