Computational Modelling Group

Workshop  23rd May 2012 10 a.m.  54/4A

Data Science

Acoustics, Agent-Based Negotiation, Agents, Air-traffic Control, Archaeology, Artificial Neural Networks, Astrophysics, Bioinformatics, Biomathematics, Biomechanics, Biomedical, Biometrics, Biomolecular simulations, Built Environment, CFD, Classification, Climate, Data Acquisition, Data Management, Database, Developmental Biology, Earth Observation, Ecology, Economic Networks, Energy, Environmental hazards, Epidemiology, Epigenetics, Game Theory, General Relativity, Geographic Information Systems, Healthcare modelling, Human environment interaction, Human population, Materials, Medical Imaging, MEMS, Monte Carlo, Neuroscience, Oceanography, Operations Research, Pervasive computing, Photonics, R, Sensor Networks, Social and Socio-economic Systems, Social Networks, Structural biology, Systems biology, Transport, Tribology, Value-driven design
Dave Woods

Data Science

???23 May 10:00-13:30, Mathematics Lecture Theatre 4A

Coffee from 10.00

10.30: “From Data to Decisions: The Power of Information in the Age of the Web of Data” Nigel Shadbolt (ECS)

11.00: “Spatio-Temporal Modelling: Confidentiality and Forecasting” Sujit Sahu & Robin Mitra (S3RI & Maths)

11.25: “Spectral Analysis of Data” Ruben Sanchez (Maths)

11.50: “Risk and Opportunity Management of Huge-Scale Online Communities” Thanos Avramidis (Maths)

12.15: “Mathematics of Data Sets” Jacek Brodzki (Maths)

12.40: Lunch: academic-business networking & posters